The Zombie Apocalypse Has Come

Time To Take The Masks Off

Here’s a meme worth spreading. The virus has proven not to be as dangerous as many thought. Truthfully, it might have been a scam from the start.

Zombies Are Among Us

Wearing a mask is a sign of submission. If you are wearing one, it’s time to take it off. Maybe you didn’t know that the virus isn’t dangerous yet, and that’s why you are wearing one. In case you are a person that thought you were helping others by wearing a mask, I’m here to tell you now the opposite is true.

Wearing a mask is selfish because it allows the world to be destroyed in the name of a virus that doesn’t seem to be any worse than the flu. It’s selfish because it allows the people pushing mask wearing to oppress others.

If everyone took their mask off now, nothing would change as far as the spread of the virus is concerned. What would change is, the authorities would know they had lost the war against the people; They would know we are free.

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